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David Hummel D.C.

Dr. David Hummel comes to Premier Health Chiropractic from Richmond, VA. Dr. Hummel has been in practice for almost 10 years this January. He also has taught Anatomy and Physiology and Health and Wellness at undergraduate universities the last 4 years. Prior to starting his career, he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida and also attended his undergraduate degree at Old Dominion University.

He is licensed under the VA Medical Board, and is certified and trained in many different techniques to help his patients get relief from their nagging pain and discomfort. However, consistent with Dr. Allison's technique, Dr. Hummel also is certified in the modern and well-researched chiropractic technique of Neuromechanical Innovations Impulse adjusting. This technique is a gentle, fast, and extremely effective technique that has been widely used to treat patients of many musculoskeletal disorders. Dr. Hummel believes restoring your joint movement and function is the one of best ways to stay active whether you're a child, an actively working adult, an athlete, or just wanting to enjoy your retirement. When Dr. Hummel is not working, he loves hanging out with his family, taking his miniature schnauzer Bella on nature walks, and attempting to never miss an ODU basketball game.

Chiropractor Virginia Beach VA Allison Schwartz


Allison Schwartz D.C.

I did not grow up in a chiropractic family. In fact, I was a child with asthma and lots of food and pollen allergies. I had to cut out wheat and dairy from my diet; take my inhaler every night, morning, and prior to any physical activity; and also take allergy shots. This is what I thought was a “normal” life as a child.

As I got older, I “grew out of” some of my food allergies and was able to stop the allergy shots, but still had the asthma. My first chiropractic adjustment was when I was a senior in high school.

My mother thought it would be good for the whole family to be adjusted before a trip. When I went off to college, I took a career placement class and became interested in chiropractic. I started working as an office assistant at a chiropractic office and was able to receive regular chiropractic adjustments. After a few months, I noticed my asthma went away, even with regular physical activity, and my seasonal allergies became manageable with just vitamins versus allergy medications. I still have a few food allergies but have found the best remedy is eliminating those foods from my diet.

Needless to say, I was excited to learn that chiropractic not only addressed low back pain and headaches, but also helped my asthma and allergy symptoms. After experiencing such amazing results, my decision to become a chiropractor was confirmed. This is now a new way of life and I love it!

It is such a joy to come to work and help people experience this same normal, prescription free, way of life that I have. To see people obtain optimal health and healing from not only their back pain but also from other functional symptoms such as sinusitis, muscle spasms, carpel tunnel, headaches, and asthma through the power of chiropractic is an absolute gift.

My husband, Andrew, and I are proud parents to our daughter, Anna-Leigh, and 2 sons, Holden and Hosea. We feel blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this community and a part of every patient’s life that comes through our doors.


New Mexico State University
Parker College of Chiropractic (Parker University)
Bachelors of Science in Human Anatomy
Bachelors of Science in Health and Wellness
Doctor of Chiropractic


Advanced Proficiency rated with Activator Methods
Certified with Neuromechanical Impulse IQ
Pediatrics and Pregnancy Chiropractic
CPR/First Aid

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